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17 Apr 2014
The muscles of the shoulders of muscle granulocytes for bodybuilder and difficult and the large number of injuries, you should attention when training to get satisfactory results that seek it, and there are 5 Mistakes players bodybuilding when training the muscles of the shoulders, you should avoid those mistakes for the increase and the magnitude of muscle, which want them. Check out Kyle Leon Program “somanabolic muscle maximizer” for more tips and guidance of body building:

1 - Constipation fist too tight in the exercise rowing Bar:

When performing this exercise should Koek come back to train the muscles of the shoulders properly, but when you hold too tight fist Koek come forward and do not allow you to train the muscles of the shoulders well, so there must be a sufficient distance between the two fists.

2 - Drape and individual elbow when performing an exercise flutter:
Where we note some players bodybuilding they flex the elbow when you get down the weight down, and when you lift the weight up they bend the elbow, and this leads to a focus muscles Turaaseibes instead of training the muscles of the shoulders, so you should when performing an exercise flutter cable or Dambalz be your arms and elbows in the development of fixed, and should not be completely individual arms so as not to cause an injury. Want to know more tips? Check out on “somanabolic muscle maximizer scam” :

3 - Appearances area deep down the head when performing push-Bar heavy weight:

The lifting of the heavy weight of the basic things to build big muscles and a huge exercise the muscles of the shoulders, and when the descent of the bar down from the head area is shoulder muscle in the stretch large, and in the most vulnerable situation to her, and can lead to the rupture as a result of the heavy weight and pressure, when performing This exercise is a heavy weight should not go down the bar to your neck, but Mark is always in the bar at a higher level than your head.

4 - Exercise performance flutter back and arms Vdtan:

When performing an exercise flutter background should pay attention to install the elbows and not Frdahma completely, so as not to lead to injury them, as well as up to be a greater focus on the muscle on the back of the shoulder, and should also not move the elbows and even install them completely and be the movement of the shoulder joint only. More details on body building tips by Kyle Leon provided on: somanabolic muscle maximizer review

5 - Neglect prolongation exercises and stretching the muscles of the shoulders to:

The prolongation and extension exercises for the muscles of the shoulders, you can prevent a lot of injuries
During their quest for amplified, and often see some players bodybuilding start lifting weights and large skip exercises prolongation, which cause a lot of injuries, which are more common in the muscles of the shoulders, you need a good warm-up exercises and do not forget prolongation.


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